Rob Woods – Crimson Descendant in Oxblood Goldleaf

I’ve lived in the Washington DC area since the mid-80s I’m 62 & I live in Chantilly, Virginia which is across the river from the District of Columbia. It’s also affectionately known as the DMV; District, Maryland, & Virginia.

I used to be on the road with bands in the 80s to the early 90s. I got off the road and 92 when my wife was pregnant with our daughter and have been doing gigs in and around the DMV weddings, corporate gigs, & sometimes pushing cases at large venues for large tours.

Happily married, going on 35 years. I have a daughter who is married to a wonderful guy who treats her right.

They live in Frankfurt. I guess all is fine in the world. Lol…

I’ve been watching Crimson guitar videos since about 2018. I just wanted to thank those involved in the production of the CG YouTube channel.

Always enjoyable to watch. And when times are not so good either physically or mentally or both, you have been an escape for me like other Youtubers, such as Brody from the YoungBloods or the Pedal Show guys Dan & Mick and many more are moments of some escape from the maddening drone of the world.

So I may have said this before, and I’ll say it again, please enjoy every sunrise, every sunset, and every sandwich in between.

Much aloha to all of you and Mahalo for the guitar!

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