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Attila Bognár – PRS Hollowbody II in Faded Blue Burst

I always loved music, especially rock and metal, so when I was in high school I wrote lyrics to a local prog metal band. I also get my first guitar in those years and it was a low budget Vision Strat which I still have. Lots of years later and in and out of practicing, I bought another guitar with a modeling amp to have a better sound and practice again. It was a Solar S2.6C with a Mooer Hornet Black modeling amp which I still play on when I have time.
I always loved to watch Ben’s guitar builds and repairing videos. Sometimes it was my recreation after work or at spare times. After you setup the Daily Guitar Draw, I registered and tried my luck. And finally, a PRS SE Hollowbody II fall into my laps to play on. I wanted a hollowbody for some time and this is truly a great and beautiful gift. Thank you!

Andy Hoe – FREE GUITAR CLUB WINNER – PRS SE in Santana Yellow

I’m thrilled with the guitar, I wasn’t even aware I’d signed up to enter! Wouldn’t normally look at a PRS but this plays so easily and sounds great so I’ll pay more attention in the future.

I’m a guitarist from Bournemouth, I’ve been playing in a covers band called Bullitt for 15 years ( and doing some gigs with Pure Assassins (

Johan Cauwels – Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor

What an absolutely wonderful guitar. Big thanks to Crimson and Ben to set this raffle up and sending it in a solid package to Belgium. 

Perfect addition to my strat, the home-made t-style (inspired by watching Ben on his channel) and the Ibanez artcore. 

Looking forward to visit the museum and I’ll keep participating in the raffle. Keep it up ! 

Jean-Pierre Mangin – Japanese Squire Stratocaster in Olympic White

I am still in awe at winning this amazing piece of history. What stuns me further is the fact that it has made its way from Japan close to 40 years ago, to Ben and Co at Crimson and to my hands in Canada. The neck is straight and it plays like a dream and the aged Olympic White is a real stunner.  

A massive thank you to Crimson Guitars for hosting this. I would never own this without it.

James Gammon – Charvel Pro-Mod DK24 in Matte Army Drab

Thanks to everyone at Crimson Guitars! Not only for giving me the opportunity to win this cool guitar but for all the entertaining and informative video content I’ve become addicted to on YouTube. This is actually the second Charvel I now own – the first one being an old Avenger that my dad bought me 34 years ago (I still have it – albeit pretty modded at this point!). The Pro-Mod is a really fun guitar to play and is already getting plenty of use. Thanks again!

Ross Bullimore – Sheeran by Lowden Acoustic Guitar

“Thanks so much to the whole Crimson / Daily Guitar Draw team. All the work that goes into the YouTube channel and the guitar museum development on top of the Crimson day to day work is super impressive and appreciated. Have to keep buying the tickets to support!

A complete shock for someone who ‘never wins raffles’ to come away with such a lovely little instrument. Found a happy home here amongst my little collection, and dare I say it even a couple of subtle mods/ upgrades I’m already considering tinkering’s a keeper! 

Thanks team. “

Ian Roberts – Fender Jaguar ’66 Reissue MIJ in Tricolour Sunburst

I’m from the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA and I have been playing stringed instruments for around 17 years. I started building my own in 2020 (thanks to instructions from you guys). So far I have built 5 guitars, 4 basses, and 1 solidbody Irish bouzouki (the one on the far right on the wall). I used to play bass for a band called Radio for the Daydreamers but the other members all moved to various spots across the country in the last couple years. I’m thinking of getting back into some writing/recording as a solo act again so this Jag may very well make it onto one of my next projects. 

John Lavoie – Crimson Guitars Shou-Sugi-Ban Copper Rodded Descendant

Winning a Crimson Custom Guitar is just so much better than any of the 
commercial brands you have given away (IMO). I went back and watched Mark 
(Pherotone Studios) demo it. I forgot how awesome it sounds. Now I think 
I’ll go back and hunt down the videos of this guitar being built. 

Ben, thanks for all your instruction and knowledge sharing, you are one of 
the main reasons I’ve made the jump into building guitars. I’ve built 2 in 
the past 10 months (see attachment) and have 2 more in the design phase. A 
cello inspired swirly P90 thing and a short-scale (31″) bass with a 
DiMarzio humbucker pickup (styling still in progress). 

Quentin Machez – 2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard Flametop in Honeyburst

I started playing at age 5, taken lessons since and graduated some years ago from a profesionnal training music school (EF2M, France).

I’m now a pro musician, guitar teacher and session guitar player.
I’m currently playing in Extreme Metal bands; Nirnaeth (Black/Death Metal) and Malcuidant (Black Metal).

Here are the links in case you need them : 

      Nirnaeth :

      Malcuidant :

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