John Lavoie – Crimson Guitars Shou-Sugi-Ban Copper Rodded Descendant

Winning a Crimson Custom Guitar is just so much better than any of the 
commercial brands you have given away (IMO). I went back and watched Mark 
(Pherotone Studios) demo it. I forgot how awesome it sounds. Now I think 
I’ll go back and hunt down the videos of this guitar being built. 

Ben, thanks for all your instruction and knowledge sharing, you are one of 
the main reasons I’ve made the jump into building guitars. I’ve built 2 in 
the past 10 months (see attachment) and have 2 more in the design phase. A 
cello inspired swirly P90 thing and a short-scale (31″) bass with a 
DiMarzio humbucker pickup (styling still in progress). 

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