Attila Bognár – PRS Hollowbody II in Faded Blue Burst

I always loved music, especially rock and metal, so when I was in high school I wrote lyrics to a local prog metal band. I also get my first guitar in those years and it was a low budget Vision Strat which I still have. Lots of years later and in and out of practicing, I bought another guitar with a modeling amp to have a better sound and practice again. It was a Solar S2.6C with a Mooer Hornet Black modeling amp which I still play on when I have time.
I always loved to watch Ben’s guitar builds and repairing videos. Sometimes it was my recreation after work or at spare times. After you setup the Daily Guitar Draw, I registered and tried my luck. And finally, a PRS SE Hollowbody II fall into my laps to play on. I wanted a hollowbody for some time and this is truly a great and beautiful gift. Thank you!

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