Here you will find every Great Guitar Build Off entry available for you to win once the videos are launched on the 10th!

Our goals, and the goal of every contestant, is to promote guitar building and creation in general primarily through the thousands of hours of video and the plethora of posts about each build across the internet, but.. there is another, more tangible aspect of GGBO.

The money raised by the competition goes to the very same purpose. There are thousands of people who wish they could build a guitar but simply don’t have the resources to do it, GGBO will donate kit guitars, luthiery tools and even guitar building courses to as many people as possible.

The giveaways are split up into two categories; the Invitationals – where 45% of the proceeds will be going to a charity or good cause of the builders choice, along with another 40% going to helping people get a start in guitar building through GGBO. And the Professionals – with 50% going to the builder, and 25% going to GGBO.

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